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digerati \dij-uh-RAH-tee\, plural noun:
Persons knowledgeable about digital technologies.
[dig(ital) + (lit)erati]

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What my clients say about me and my work

“I have worked with John many times in the past and he as always been prompt and knowledgeable. I highly recommend.”

Kenneth Whaley
Kenneth WhaleyCEOMainStay Solutions

“John and I collaborated on some interface graphics that he needed for a client of his. He is a clear communicator, technically savvy and knows what he (and his clients) need. John is a real professional.”

Samuel A. Minick
Samuel A. MinickOwner of SAM Illustrations, Inc.samillos.com

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Web Design

Need a website? Digerati can spin one up quickly and efficiently. Need your current site updated? Digerati can bring your current site back to life.

Web Development

Need something a bit more? Custom coding or a special integration project? Our Web Development skills will complete your development project in no time.

App Development

Need an app for your product? Have an idea for the next big thing? Have Digerati develop a cutting edge app for your new project.

SEO Consulting

Want people to actually find your website online? Want to improve your listings? Let Digerati manage your SEO.

Social Media

Want to integrate your site with social media sites? Need to develop a social media plan for your organization? Digerati can make that happen.


Selling products? Want an online store? Digerati can build you a managed online storefront for your products. Selling physical items? Digital items? There is a solution ready for you.

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